Each year we set aside the first Monday in November to remember the Endacott Society members who are no longer with us.

>>> The 2023 meeting will not be held in November.  Check back later for a new date. 

For 2022: We met in the Burge Union to remember those Endacott
Society members who are no longer with us. As part of the event, the group watched the film Defending Your Life

No meeting was held in 2021.

For 2020: Challah bread and votive candles were distributed free from Paul Lim’s open garage on Sunday November 1st, in anticipation of the celebration on Monday November 2nd, during which the names of 107 Endacott members who are no longer with us were read out loud, followed by the screening of the film documentary Young @ Heart and the group singing of the song “Forever Young.”

For 2019:  We watched Grave of the Fireflies, an award-winning Japanese animated feature about a young boy and his little sister struggling to survive after American firebombing during World War II separates them from their parents.

For 2018:  We watched Coco, the Disney-animated fantasy film based on the Mexican El dia de los Muertos.

For 2017:  A microphone was passed around and members told wonderful stories about the people whose names they had written down on the whiteboard.