A comfortable way to travel.
Part of the monthly Endacott Speaker Series, Armchair Travel features quarterly presentations by Endacott Society members sharing adventurous stories and memories of their globe-trotting journeys via slides and videos.

Upcoming Events

Past Presentations


Driving Route 66 – Philip Baringer, and wife Jill


Journey to the Arctic – Richard DeGeorge

Latvia, Summer 2022 – Georgeann Eglinski

Latvian Song and Dance festival and Latvian culture and history – Ron Schorr and Georgann Eglinski

Gary Minden Upstream B, Antarctica.” Travel to 83° South and New Zealand – Gary Minden



Costa Rica – Ron & Georgann Schorr

Birth Tourism – Felix Moos

Morocco – Ron Schorr

Rome and Romania – Richard Kershenbaum & Jennifer Lattimore

A Circuminsular Visit to Ireland: Farmstead B&Bs and Natural History – Cal & Jo Cink

North Macedonia – Richard Kershenbaum & Jennifer Lattimore


Cuba 1957 – Ray Souza


  • Sicily – Dave Mannering and Ron Schorr
  • France – Ted and Mary Johnson
  • Bulgaria and Turkey – Richard Kershenbaum and Jenny Lattimore
  • Havana 2016 – Richard DeGeorge
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, and eastern Germany – Richard Kershenbaum and Jenny Lattimore


  • Thelma and Jim Taylor revealed exciting videos of travelogues they made of their 2005-2006 canal boating trips in Burgundy, France.
  • Ron Schorr took us camping in Shangri-la, showing the spectacular waterfalls and isolated community within the Havasupai Indian Reservation, near the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
  • Russ Hutchins screened The Adventure Lovers, a 90-minute documentary on the lives and careers of Martin and Osa Johnson, in anticipation of the Out-of-Town Travel day-trip to visit the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum in Chanute, Kansas.
  •  Richard Kerschenbaum and Jennifer Lattimore shared photos from their spring 2017 trip to Northern Italy and Romania where they visited museums and historic sites in Milan, then on to Lake Como and Dracula’s Transylvania before a final stop in Bucharest.
  • Richard DeGeorge exhibited bone-chilling pictures and videos of his recent trip to Antarctica.


  • Chris and Bruce Linton told of “Cruising the Caribbean,” with video highlights from three jazz and two regular cruises (including a bonus short on “Untouring Holland“).
  • Felix Moos gave an illustrated lecture on North Korea.
  • Nora Clark shared memories of a recent trip along the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon.
  • Dave and Linda Mannering presented photos of a trip to Cuba via the People-to-People International Cultural Exchange Program that took them from east-to-west, ending in Havana.


  • Mike Delaney, an adjunct KU law professor and partner in a Kansas City law firm, who served in the Vietnam War, showed slides of a return visit to Vietnam with wife Kathy.
  • Allen and Sandra Wiechert shared pictures and footage of their trip to the Iditarod dog sled races in Alaska.
  • Ron Schorr gave a travelogue on his trip to Chiapas, Mexico, with its culture predating the Aztecs by millennia.
  • Mike and Kathy Delaney continued their Southeast Asia trip, this time traveling to Cambodia.
  • Cal and Jo Cink told of their trip to the Scandinavian countries
  • Dave and Linda Mannering shared their tales of travelling in Egypt.


  • Richard Kershenbaum explored unknown treasures in New York City, easily accessible places in the city which we all think we “know” in Secrets of New York City.
  • Jerry and Judy Niebaum took us on seven different cruises, discussing all the pros and cons of life aboard these “love boats.”
  • Dean  and Judy Lebestky talked about their culinary cruise down the Rhone River in France.
  • Richard Kershenbaum and Jennifer Lattimore rekindled memories of their 2014 trip to Croatia, Slovenia, Trieste and Venice.


  • Jerry and Judy Niebaum took Endacotters north to Alaska.
  • Felix Moos presented a program on his travels in Bhutan and the Himalayas, the “fabled land in the mist” where “Gross National Happiness” is a government strategy.
  • Bruce Linton used his sound and video presentation talents to document a trip he and Chris made to England and Scotland.
  • Sandra Wiechert shared the fascinations of walking the Silk Road.
  • Andy Torres spoke of his travels to Turkey.