Paul and Lucille Endacott 1988

The Endacott Society is the product of the creativity and generous support of the late Paul Endacott and his family. Society members are retired university faculty, staff and spouses.

An honors student, All-American basketball player and 1923 engineering graduate of the University, Mr. Endacott became president of the Phillips Petroleum Co. Remembering with gratitude the guidance from KU faculty and staff that contributed to his success, Mr. Endacott and his wife, Lucille, began honoring these individuals through gifts to the KU Endowment Association. These gifts established the “Expressions of Appreciation” program, through which other alumni and friends could thank talented professors and staff members for their influence.

Mr. Endacott also collaborated with fellow donors and planners of the Adams Alumni Center to ensure that retired faculty and staff members could conduct meetings and activities in the Center, which also houses the headquarters of the KU Alumni Association. The Endacott Society, which continues to meet in the center, is now a program of the Alumni Association.

Endacott Society History Presentations

40th Anniversary Slide Show – Prepared by Mary Jane Dunlap

This ran on a loop during the 40th Anniversary Celebration, October 12,2023

Endacott Society: Memories of the club for KU retirees 
Rita Haugh is one of the founding members of the Retirees Club. Her recollections were recorded by her daughter on Nov. 27, 2011.

Luncheon Address by Sandra Wiechert – May 24, 2012
At the annual luncheon, Endacott President, Sandra Wiechert spoke briefly.

Chancellor’s Reception – October 8, 2009
On Thursday, October 8, 2009 the Endacott Society hosted a reception for Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little at the Adams Alumni Center. Endacott President, Vic Wallace, offered comments linked from here.

FOUNDER’S DAY – September 10, 2009 – Presentation by Jerry Niebaum
This is a 58 page file of PowerPoint slides created largely from scrapbook files. The presentation is a tribute to Gwen Mitchell who created the scrapbooks over a period of about 20 years.

Timeline of some of the activities of Paul Endacott
This is a 2 page file created by Jerry Niebaum from documents by William Griffith and Baley Price in 1994.

PAUL ENDACOTT AND THE K.U. RETIREES’ CLUB by William J. Griffith in 1994
This is a 36 page detailed history of the creation of the Adams Alumni Center and the K.U. Retirees’ Club, which became the Endacott Society. It is well researched with extensive footnotes and references. A VHS video tape and a DVD of Bill Griffith talking from his paper in 1994 are available in our Library.

The videographer for the 1994 Founders Day birthday celebration was Bruce Linton. Segments of the video have been converted to .mp4 digital format and are available for viewing from this Web site.

Presentation by William Griffith 1994 (13 minute video)

Presentation by Baley Price 1994 (10 minute video)

Presentation by Peg Saricks 1994 (20 minute video)

History by Al Sellen in 2004

Short History by William Griffith in 1998