Meets monthly to listen to nostalgic selections from copyright-free archives, everything from comedy to drama, all with follow-up discussions and historical perspective.

Old-Time Radio meets via Zoom only.

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The Charlie McCarthy Show, Stagecoach , starring John Wayne & You Bet Your Life

Billboard’s Top Five best-sellers of 1925, Box 13, & The Life of Riley

Somebody Knows, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, & The Stan Freberg Show

Dr. Kildare, Fort Laramie, & Pat Novak

Broadway Is My Beat, Burns and Allen, & The Mysterious Traveler

Dr. Kildare, The Six Shooter, & Pat Novak For Hire

Do You Know Maine?, You Can’t Do Business With Hitler, Mr. President, & My Little Margie

Philco Radio Time, Mysterious Traveler, & The Jack Benny Program

Gunsmoke, The Amos ‘n’ Andy Program, & Dragnet


Adventure stories

The Bickersons, Top Ten Songs of 1945, and Suspense

Quiz Shows: Truth or Consequences, Information Please, and It Pays to be Ignorant

Hopalong Cassidy, Louella Parsons Show, Lum and Little Abner, and Let’s Pretend

Detective Couples: Adventures of the Abbotts, Mr. and Mrs. North, The Thin Man 

The Saint, Remember WENN, Suspense

Detectives: The Thin Man, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar

Bunco and Conmen: Bunco Squad, “Casey, Crime Photographer”, Dragnet

Three Scary Stories

Casey, Crime Photographer; The Bing Crosby Christmas Show from
1953; and the Hallmark Playhouse episode Silent


The Lux Radio Theatre recreation of To Have And Have Not, and the precursor of the I Love Lucy television show, called My Favorite Husband.

Unusual Detectives: Your’s Truly, Johnny Dollar;  Nero Wolfe, and  Let George Do It

The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet, and Challenge of the Yukon

The Great GildersleeveRogers of the Gazette, and Tales of the Texas Rangers

Fred Allen Show and the Lives of Harry Lime

The Adventures of Archie Andrews and Mr. Keene, Tracer of Lost Persons

Flash Gordon, Sky King, Tom Mix

Manhattan Merry-Go-Round’; ‘Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy’; ‘Sky King’; and ‘Mr. Chameleon (the Master of Disguises)’

“Suspense,” “Fibber McGee & Molly,” and “Lights Out.”

The Jack Benny Show


Soap Operas – One Man’s Family, Mary Noble, Backstage Wife and The Romance of Helen Trent

Science Fiction: X Minus One, Buck Rogers, and others

Due to the pandemic the programs below were delivered via Zoom

Madness & Insanity: Suspense and Escape

Comedy: Fred Allen, Jack Benny and more

Variety: Jack Benny, Lowell Thomas, Life of Riley and a surprise show

The Shadow, Fibber McGee and Molly, and Gunsmoke

Duffy’s Tavern, The Lone Ranger and some period appropriate music

Spike Jones, Abbot & Costello, and Dragnet

Cisco Kid, Ozzie & Harriet and Box 13

Halloween: Lights Out and Our Miss Brooks

Christmas: Blondie, The Doris Day Show and Tales of the Texas Ranger


  • Westerns – Gunsmoke and Have Gun Will Travel
  • Quiz Shows
  • Suspense, Escape and Quiet Please
  • Fairy Tales – Let’s Pretend, The Story Lady, and Falstaff’s Fables
  • Propaganda, PSA’s and popular music from World War II
  • Bloopers and Commercials
  • Hard-Boiled Detectives – Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade and Richard Diamond
  • Variety Shows – Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, The National Barn Dance and Bob Hope
  • Private Eyelashes – Candy Matson, Phyl Coe, and others
  • Halloween – Suspense, Quiet Please, Baby Snooks
  • Holiday Shows




  • Full episodes of The Shadow and excerpts from Suspense
  • Amos & Andy, Fibber McGee & Molly, Fred Allen and Abbott & Costello
  • Comedy selections including The Great Gildersleeve
  • Full “panic” broadcast episode of Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds in its 80th anniversary year