Meets on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays. Presentations include a wide range of computing and other technology topics, depending on the interests of the group and availability of guest speakers. (Formerly called “Computer & Technology Studies”)

Upcoming Events

Past Presentations


The Connected Traveler – Part 2 – Richard Kershenbaum

Highlights from the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – David Mannering

AI Playground – ChatGPT4 with DALL-E – David Mannering

The Connected Traveler – Part 3 – Richard Kershenbaum & Jennifer Lattimore

Chess technology: The Mechanical Turk – David Mannering

Are Human/Computer Hybrids Human? – Jack Horner


A.I. Playground (Generative A.I.) – David Mannering

Chromebooks – Ron Schorr

Highlights of the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show – David Mannering

Internet Time Travel: Wayback Machine & Google Earth Timelines – David Mannering

A History of Radio Recording and Broadcast Technology – John Nicholson

How Technology Got in Your Wallet – Gary Minden

A.I. and Ethics: A Contradiction in Terms – Richard DeGeorge

The Connected Traveler – Richard Kershenbaum

Thinking Machines (5 sessions) – David Mannering

What the Heck Is It? – David Mannering

DEF CON 31 – David Mannering

Drones – What Are They Up to Now? – David Mannering

KU Libraries MakerSpace – Tami Albin

RFID Technology – David Mannering

Brain/Machine Interface – TED Talks

Tot Toys, Bot Toys 2023 – David Mannering

AGT – America’s Got Talent (and Technology) – David Mannering


Vaccine Passports – David Mannering

Windows 11 – David Mannering

Highlights from CES 2022 – David Mannering

Technology Issues Forum: AI & Us (Part 1) – David Mannering

The Metaverse – David Mannering

Maintaining the Endacott Society web site – David Mannering

Technology Issues Forum: Building Better AI – David Mannering

Ancient Technology – Video

How Fiber Optic Cable Works – Video

The Great Exposition of 1851 – David Mannering

What the Heck Is This? – David Mannering

What’s New with Robots – Video

Cyber Attacks – David Mannering

Future Technology – TED Talks

Tot Toys Bot Toys 2022 – David Mannering

Satellites – What’s Up There? – David Mannering


  • Diagramming with Microsoft Visio – David Mannering
  • Highlights from CES 2021 – David Mannering
  • Update on the Internet of Things (IoT) – John Nicholson
  • Geoengineering – David Mannering
  • Graphic Functions in MS Office – John Nicholson
  • Features in new Laptops – David Mannering
  • Electric Car Technology – David Mannering
  • Nanotechnology – David Mannering
  • New Battery Technology – David Mannering
  • PowerPoint Tips & Tricks (Part 2) – John Nicholson
  • Public Web Cams – Richard Kershenbaum
  • Hacking – Three perspectives (TED Talks)
  • Amazon Sidewalk & Related Technology – John Nicholson
  • Highlights from 2021 Zoomtopia Conference – David Mannering
  • Four Local Apps for Your Phone – David Mannering
  • What the Heck Is This? – David Mannering
  • Wind Power & Solar Power – David Mannering
  • Tot Toys, Bot Toys – David Mannering
  • Coding Kids – David Mannering


  • Cloud Storage – Richard Kershenbaum
  • In the Age of AI (Video) – Dave Mannering
  • KU E-mail in the Cloud – Alex Wong
  • Highlights from CES 2020 – Dave Mannering
  • Three Amazing Technologies – Dave Mannering
  • Streaming Services – John Nicholson
  • Maker Spotlight: Arduino – Dave Mannering

Due to the pandemic the presentations below were delivered via Zoom

  • Technology Issues Forum: Online Trust
  • Technology Issues Forum: Controlling AI
  • Technology Issues Forum: Tech Company Mind Control
  • Thinking Machines – A Selective History – Dave Mannering
  • What the Heck Is It? (The Sequel) – Dave Mannering
  • 3D Printing – Part I – TinkerCAD – Dave Mannering
  • 3D Printing – Part II – Slicing and Printing – Dave Mannering
  • Technology Issues Forum: Actual Fake News
  • IT and the Electric Grid – Dave Mannering
  • Raspberry Pi Update – Richard Kershenbaum
  • Technology Issues Forum: Actual Fake News
  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – Dave Mannering
  • PowerPoint Tips – John Nicholson
  • Zoomtopia Conference Highlights Part 1
  • Zoomtopia Conference highlights – Part 2
  • Tot Toys Bot Toys 2020 – Dave Mannering


  • TED Talks: Robots, Dave Mannering
  • Endacott Web Design Session 3, Dave Mannering
  • Consumer Electronics Show, Alan Swarts
  • Modern Wayfinding, David Mannering
  • – Tech Tutorials, Dave Mannering
  • A Selective History of Computing, Dave Mannering
  • Internet of Things and Big Data, John Nicholson
  • The ABC’s and 3-D’s of Printers, Dave Mannering
  • Information Overload, John Nicholson
  • City of Lawrence Fiber Projects, Jim Wisdom
  • The Ten Commandments of Online Security and Privacy, Jonathan Bacon
  • Windows 10 Update, Richard Kerschenbaum
  • Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Letha Johnson
  • Preserving Digital Assets, Robert Ramsdell
  • Tidying Up: Digital Life Version, Jonathan Bacon
  • Review and Planning for Next Year, Alan Swarts
  • KU CIO’s Update, Mary Walsh
  • MIDCO Cable Company, Paige Pearson
  • Computer Room Technology Demo, Alan Swarts
  • Technology Security, Julie Fugett
  • What the Heck Is This? (Tech Quiz), Dave Mannering
  • 5G – The Good, Bad and Ugly, Dave Mannering
  • Photo Editing with SnapSeed, Jonathan Bacon & Dick Stine
  • Wearable Technology – E-Textiles, Dave Mannering
  • Excel at Sudoku – Part 1, Dave Mannering
  • Excel at Sudoku – Part 2, Dave Mannering
  • Excel at Sudoku – Part 3, Dave Mannering
  • History of the Computer Studies Group, Dave Mannering
  • Technology as an Aid in Museum Displays, Ron Schorr
  • Tot Toys, Bot Toys 2019, Dave Mannering


  • Internet Archive, Alan Swarts
  • Microsoft Windows 10: Upgrade, Richard Kerschenbaum
  • 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Alan Swarts
  • TED Talks, Alan Swarts
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robots, Greg Thomas
  • Technology You Didn’t Know Existed), Alan Swarts (2 sessions)
  • KU Athletics: Performance Improvement, Andrea Hudy
  • Technical Problems and Possible Solutions, Alan Swarts
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS): City of Lawrence, Micah Seybold
  • Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks, John Nicholson
  • Distance Learning Class Demonstration, Vickie Case
  • Google Earth, Brian McClendon
  • Raspberry Pi Update, Richard Kerschenbaum
  • Google Earth, Dave Mannnering
  • Virtual Reality (VR), Richard Kerschenbaum
  • Home Automation, Keith Wagers (2 sessions)
  • Demystifying Computers, Dave Mannering
  • Doctor Dave, David Greenbaum
  • Potpourri Presentation, Alan Swarts
  • KU Chief Information Officer, Mary Walsh
  • Smartphone Software on Desktop Computers and Microsoft Photo Editing, Alan Swarts
  • MIDCO Cable Company, Debbie Schmidt
  • Lawrence Public Library, Melissa Fisher Isaacs
  • Google Photo, PhotoScan and Lens, Alan Swarts
  • Hands-On Photo Editing on Your Own Device with SnapSeed, Jonathan Bacon
  • A Selective History of Computing, Dave Mannering
  • Endacott Website: Review and Recommendations, Dave Mannering
  • Oculus Go Virtual Reality, John Nicholson
  • Endacott Website Redesign, Dave Mannering
  • Mechanical Engineering Advances for the Disabled, Lisa Friis, KU Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks, John Nicholson
  • Tot Toys, Bot Toys, Dave Mannering
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Update, Richard Kerschenbaum
  • Review of the Year and Planning for Next Year, Alan Swarts


  • Face Recognition, Alan Swarts
  • Internet and Email Security: Phishing, Social Engineering and Fraud, Julie Fugett
  • Consumer Electronics Show (CES): What Is New, Alan Swarts
  • Computers on the Electric Grid, Dave Mannering
  • 34 Uses for a Smartphone – Part 1, Alan Swarts
  • 34 Uses for a Smartphone – Part 2, Alan Swarts
  • Music, Radio, Videos, Movies and TV Resources, Alan Swarts
  • Distance Learning and Instructional Design, Kim Glover
  • Travel and Housing Software an Airbnb, Richard Kerschenbaum
  • Lawrence Public Library Digital Resources, Melissa Fisher Isaacs
  • GIS and Douglas County, Bryce Hirschman
  • Internet of Things (IOT) and Value of Thing like Alexa or Google Home Device, DoctorDave
  • Artificial Intelligence, Dave Mannering
  • TED Talk Technology Videos, Alan Swarts
  • Home Automation, Seth Reed
  • KU Alumni Center Computer Lab Equipment, Alan Swarts
  • Autism Research and Technology, Sean Swindler, KU Medical Center
  • Connected Audio and Drones, Seth Reed
  • Potpourri Presentation, Alan Swarts
  • KU Chief Information Security Officer, Julie Fugett
  • MIDCO Cable, Paige Pearson Meyer
  • Autonomous Vehicles (Self-Driving Cars), Dave Mannering (2 sessions)
  • Privacy and the Internet, John Nicholson
  • Google Photo, Alan Swarts
  • New Technology, Alan Swarts
  • TED Talks, Alan Swarts
  • Virtual High School, Monte Westfall, Lawrence Virtual School Assistant Principal
  • Google Search Tips, Alan Swarts
  • Dark Web, John Nicholson
  • Air Traffic Control, Dave Mannering
  • Google Applications, Alan Swarts
  • KU Library
  • Fixit, All
  • Review of the Year and Planning for Next Year, Alan Swarts


  • TED Talk Videos, Alan Swarts
  • Windows 10, Richard Kerschenbaum
  • Bitcoin and Alternative Money, Richard Kerschenbaum
  • New Security Threats and Risks, David Greenbaum
  • City of Lawrence Geographic Information Systems, Micah Seybold
  • Best of 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Alan Swarts
  • What Does Google Know About You?, Alan Swarts
  • Hoverboards –Are They Safe?, Alan Swarts
  • Fixit and Other Topics, All
  • New Developments in Genealogy Software and Resources, Ron Schorr
  • New TV Status Report (LCD, OLED, Curved, 4K and 8K), Best Buy
  • Datapoint History: Datapoint 2200 – Well Before Apple and IBM PC’s, Austin Roche and David Monroe
  • New Technology Inventions You Didn’t Know Existed, Alan Swarts
  • How Police Use Technology
  • Potpourri of Topics, Alan Swarts
  • KU Library, Dr. Sara Morris
  • Lawrence Public Library
  • Mycroft local startup
  • KU Chief Information Officer Bob Lim
  • Buying a New Phone and Selecting a Service, Richard Kerschenbaum
  • WOW! Cable representative
  • Smartphone Apps (Senior), Alan Swarts
  • Windows 10 Revised, Richard Kerschenbaum
  • Genealogy Update, Ron Schorr
  • Media Preserving and Recycling, Alan Swarts
  • Technology You Didn’t Know Existed, Alan Swarts
  • What Apple and Google Know About You, Alan Swarts
  • Fixit, Endacott attendee participants
  • KU Applications, Matt Garrett
  • Tableau Public Software System, Dave Mannering
  • Raspberry Pi Computer, Richard Kerschenbaum
  • Google Photos and Google PhotoScan, Alan Swarts
  • Review of the Year and Planning for Next Year, Alan Swarts


  • Journey of Man genealogy videos (2 sessions)
  • Review of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
  • Digital Phone Photos and iPhone 6+, Jerry Niebaum
  • PC Shortcuts and Alternatives, Richard Kerschenbaum
  • Animations in PowerPoint, Jerry Niebaum
  • Technology and Treatment of Autism, Jay Buzhardt and Linda Heitzman-Powell
  • Music with iTunes, Jerry Niebaum
  • KU Email, KU Information Technology staff
  • Fixit, Jerry Niebaum
  • Apps for KU, Chuck LaPointe
  • Creating Your Own Website with Google Blogger, Jerry Niebaum
  • Review of Information Technology at KU, Bob Lim, KU CIO
  • Teaching an Online Course at KU, Chuck Krider
  • Lawrence Journal-World, Nick Gerik
  • The Bling Store (eBay), Sean Passmore
  • Apple Watch and Apple TV, Jerry Niebaum
  • Computer Techniques and Hints, Jerry Niebaum
  • Tablet Computers: Pros and Cons, Jerry Niebaum
  • SmartPhone Apps You May Not Know, Alan Swarts
  • Technology Tools To Aid Travel Planning, Richard Kerschenbaum (2 sessions)
  • Electric Cars, George Brenner
  • TV Technology: What’s New?, Jerry Niebaum
  • Exploring, Alan Swarts
  • The TED Talks at, Alan Swarts
  • Information Technology: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?, George Strawn via Facetime
  • Go-Pro Cameras and Sports Videos, Jerry Niebaum
  • Drones: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Facebook and Other Social Media Revisited, Alan Swarts
  • Google Calendar and Maps, Alan Swarts
  • Online News and Comic Strips, Richard Kerschenbaum and Alan Swarts
  • Fixit, Alan Swarts and Richard Kerschenbaum




  • Internet Scams and Scam Avoidance, Jerry Niebaum
  • Historic Mount Oread Website, Jerry Niebaum
  • Google Software Review, Jerry Niebaum
  • Future Technology, Jerry Niebaum
  • Windows 8, Richard Kerschenbaum
  • UNI Computers, Lance Keltner
  • Buying a New Computer, Jerry Niebaum
  • Programming Hearing Aids, Bennett Griffin
  • Skype, George Strawn
  • KanREN Statewide Networking, Cort Buffington
  • Facebook Revisited, Jerry Niebaum
  • Google Earth Updated, Jerry Niebaum
  • Picasa Face Recognition, Jerry Niebaum
  • Computing History via YouTube, Jerry Niebaum
  • Twitter and Tweets, Jerry Niebaum
  • Vacation Blogs, Jerry Niebaum
  • Baley Price, Jerry Niebaum
  • Exploring the iPhone, Jerry Niebaum
  • Exploring the Endacott Website, Jerry Niebaum
  • Wearable Technology, Jerry Niebaum
  • TV Features, Seth Reed of Best Buy
  • Electronic Resources at Lawrence Public Library, Ransom Jabara
  • Fixit, Richard Kerschenbaum
  • PC File Structure, Alan Swarts and Richard Kerschenbaum (2 sessions)
  • Making Things Small, PBS video
  • Genealogy, Ron Schorr
  • DoctorDave, David Greenbaum
  • Creating a Photo Album, Jerry Niebaum
  • Using a Kindle, Judy Niebaum
  • Address Labels with Microsoft Word, Jerry Niebaum
  • Android Operating Systems, Richard Kerschenbaum
  • Android Apps, Alan Swarts
  • Fixit, Jerry Niebaum