Bread and Tulips 2000, 1h 54m
Rosalba, a housewife in Pescara with teenage sons, is married to a plumbing supplier whose mistress is her sister-in-law.
When a tour bus leaves her behind, her husband tells her to stay there but she decides to start hitchhiking toward home.  On a whim, she decides to continue on to Venice to start her life anew.  She finds a room in the flat of Fernando, a diffident, formal Icelander.  She befriends Grazia, a holistic masseuse, and gets a job at the flower shop of Fermo, a cranky anarchist.  Her husband sends a plumber to look for her but who can tell how things will end up.  Directed by Silvio Soldini and written by Soldini and Doriana Leondeff this movie had 32 wins and 13 nominations for various awards.