During the February meeting of the KU Old Time Radio listeners group, we’ll begin with a 30-minute version of The Charlie McCarthy Show. The guest star is Hedy Lamarr (one of the people responsible for today’s Internet, a spy, and of course, an actress and Pin-Up girl). Next, we’ll listen to the Screen Directors’ Playhouse version of Stagecoach starring John Wayne. We’ll end the session by listening to Groucho Marx with an early episode of You Bet Your Life. Will contestants mention the Secret Word, DUST? You’ll have to wait and see (or at least hear).

The February 2023 meeting is scheduled for February 27th from 1:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon. The waiting room opens at 1:15, with the program beginning at I:30. If this is your first time attending, please consider joining us. No reservations are necessary. Just click the link below.