Thursday, Dec. 8, 1:30 p.m.
Kansas Memorial Union, Divine Nine Room, Level 6
Songs, Movies and Memories:
How People Enjoy Lighthearted Entertainment

According to a recent KU News release, “A new
Journal of Communication study has found that people
tend to have more memories associated with older
songs and movie clips than newer ones, and they tend
to be happier memories as well.
People also tend to appreciate
content that triggers a memory
more, and the findings help shed
light on why people often find
meaning in lighthearted
entertainment such as pop music or
superhero movies.” Judy Watts,
assistant professor in the William
Allen White School of Journalism &
Mass Communications, is a coauthor of the study. “People often
travel mentally back to a time period when they reencounter beloved media,” said Watts. “We want to
unpack what exactly they’re experiencing when they
do that. Did they have appreciation, happiness or other
emotions?” Watts will talk about her research project
and respond to questions and comments. (The Divine
Nine room, which honors the council of Black
fraternities and sororities, is located at far south end of
the corridor on your right from the elevators or stairs.)